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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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eye on things for us this morning, hey, ladies. >> good morning, roads are looking good. had couple of disable vehicles, most of the cameras i've looked at right now, central toward center city and the surround hearing looking but changing. >> absolutely the case. we will start to see the wet weather building in little originally -- early than originally anticipated t has speed, this list sill tell, straight up rain producer for almost everyone. we won't be dealing with any kind of shoveling issues here, not going to be dealing with any icing at least for most areas. far north, though, lehigh valley, pocono region, you will see this likely start off as either wintery mix, some snow. at the moment, though, just rain, folks, building in from south to north, simply too warm for anything but that. and at the moment, it is still dry, in most spots, say for sussex county. window of dry opportunity is there initially, but changing, it is diminishing with every passing minute here, as the little system starts to nudge north. now we do have winter weather advisory that takes effect notice the time stap p, doesn't start until 1:00 this afternoon, it gives you sense
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how long it will take here for the wet weather to arrive. but up in the poconos, now also including northampton county, you have got winter weather advisory that will take effect at that point. now, try to navigate the storm here. if you are trying to find the best window of dry weather opportunity, your best commute in terms of staying dry is tomorrow morning. worse one, tomorrow p.m. rush. this morning won't look all that hot. but the driest time period is actually tonight into early tomorrow morning, simply because we're track too long systems, so a lull at some point t likely comes overnight into early tomorrow morning. which bodes well for us. not tracking too much this same time tomorrow. we will again start to see more rain picking one time. for now temperatures are far above the freezing mark here, millville, ac, wildwood, to see anything but plane old rain. but it is going to stay cold for the next few hours you do seat wintery mixing going on far north meantime as the morning and afternoon progress once the rain gets here it really doesn't let up. not talking buckets of rain. but it is going to be big fat
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nuisance for you, since it sticks around pretty much any time here today. my advice walking out the door, not raining yet meisha, a take umbrella, trust me on that. >> utley, i think we should heed that warning, thanks so much. yep, moving our direction, right now. so, if you can, just give yourself couple of extra minute this morning, certainly want to do that just because tuesday's tends to be busier travel day without any rain. and then add rain to the mix, we know what happens there. so looking at the blue route northbound approaching the schuylkill, looking good, you can see early risers, all starting to hit the roadways now push into the 5:00 hour. fairly typical for monday, tuesday, even wednesday, thursday, friday, tends to taper off just ever so slightly. but it will be busy tuesday specially because mother nature is is going to throw some rain at us. jersey, westbound, see it is looking good. beautiful shot. looking nice and dry right now. this will be changing, again, new jersey 42 freeway northbound at creek road, as you approach 295, exactly what you are getting so yesterday we did see 42 freeway heat up fairly quickly then kind of
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steadied out. seems to be the case again for everyone traveling at posted speed, construction you want to know about this morning it, will get busy out there, in cherry hill, berlin road between valley brook road, docks lane, one lane open here, cost haven't shock in delaware, 495 northbound, philadelphia pike, ryan lane blocked until 6:00 a.m. ill of course let you know when that lifts. back to you. >> new this morning, a deadly shooting stuns camden county community. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joining us now in merchantville where the mayor is really trying to calm residents' fears this morning. lot of concern for their safety, justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, merchantville mayor ted brennan took to the borough facebook page last night to address monday fatal shooting. post that for now the shooting seems isolated to the suspects and the male victim. let's take you now to video from last night. this was multi agency response at the multi avenue, where the man was found shot. this is russell just off chapel avenue.
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south of may he will avenue. merchantville police and police from nearby pennsauken closed off the avenues to launch the investigation, which now involves the camden county prosecutor's office, the victim was pronounced dead at 9:07 monday night at kennedy hospital, he has not yet been identified by authorities. now, this casino of crime is not common. rather, is come on, rather, is not common for merchantville, quiet borough just under 4,000 people. mayor brennan called this reminder for all to report suspicious activity and that no area is immune to crime. the mayor also says more information about this crime may be released as the investigation warrants that. we also note, too, if you have any tips to bring those to merchantville police or the camden county prosecutor's off. we are live here in merchantville, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", erika, back to you. >> justin, thank you. fire off initials philadelphia are investigating the cause of this house fire in port richmond. the fire broke out just before
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midnight on the 2200 block of east tioga street. there are reports of a partial collapse in the back of the house, but no one was inside at the time. firefighters worked quickly to control that blaze. no one was hurt. >> a mother accused of abandoning her young daughter after getting caught shoplifting is back behind bars this morning. philadelphia police arrested mahogany terry late last night. she is accused of stealing more than a thousand dollars worth of clothes from the macy's in center city earlier this month. security guards handcuffed ferry to a bench but then she managed to escape leaving her four year old daughter behind. that girl is now being taken care of by relatives. >> it is the 25th anniversary of the deadly 12 alarm fire at one meridian plaza in center city. moment of silence will be held today at noon for the fallen firefighters. on february 23rd, 1991 that fire started on the 22nd floor of the building, sitting across from philadelphia's city hall. it burned uncontrolled for
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merely 20 hours. three firefighters were killed. they were late he found on the 28th floor. search crew went in to look for them and they too became trapped. >> now everything was against us. there was no elevators. there was no light. there was no jockey pumps. >> fortunately, lieutenant mike yeager and his crew were flown to safety from a helicopter on the roof. a lack every sprinklers, failed power, and water supply systems, hampered fire fighting effort. that building was finally torn down in 1999. >> 5:06 right now. republicans in nevada hold their presidential caucuses today. gop frontrunner donald trump look to go secure third win in a row. cbs news correspondent don champion has more on the candidates including ted cruz's fight against claims that he is running a dirty campaign. >> after winning primaries, in south carolina, and new hampshire, donald trump is identifying a big win in nevada tonight. >> you got to vote tomorrow. you got to vote, vote, vote.
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>> on the eve of the state gop caucuses, the republican front rounder not hold back, slamming a protester. >> i would like to punch him in the faiths, i will tell you. >> and bashing rival ted cruz for what he called dishonest campaign ads. >> this guy is sick. there is something wrong with this guy. >> god bless the great state of nevada. >> after finishing in third place, behind marco rubio, in south carolina, cruz is going into today's contest without his communications director. rick tyler was asked to resign monday for sharing a false news story on social media that suggested rubio dismissed the bible. >> i had made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with a very highest standards every integrity. that has been how we've conduct philadelphia from day one. >> speaking on the flight to vegas, rubio called tyler the fall guy for cruz's deceptive campaign. >> you feel bad for the guy.
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basically a guy executing a culture that -- >> rubio is leading cruz in the silver state, both are vying to be the main alternative to trump with super tuesday just a week away. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, that video involving marco rubio was shot by a student with the university of pennsylvania's daily pennsylvanian newspaper. the paper says some people have questioned what rubio said, but the editor says she stands behind the original transcript. >> the south carolina democratic primary is this saturday. former secretary every state, hillary clinton, will be there today to stump for vote. fresh off her victory this weekend in the nevada caucuses, clinton spent much of her day yesterday fundraising. her opponent, vermont senator bernie sanders, will campaign in virginia today. vote their head to the polls on march 1st, less than one week, which is super tuesday. today the white house will smith a plan to congress to shut down quan tan mow bay. president obama has long vowed to close the prison facility.
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he says it is used as recruiting tool by terrorists, and it is too costly to maintain. congress had opposed previous plans to shut it down. the current proposal involves transferring most of the detainees to other countries. those deemed too dangerous for travel will be sent to a detention facility in the u.s. >> happening today, philadelphia's famous love statue gets a new home temporarily. it is moving across the street from love park to the city's city hall's dilworth park. you can visit the famous statue there while love park undergoes multi-million dollar renovation. the new love park will have updated statue, more green space, new fountain, and food and beverage operation. it is expected to be completed sometime next year. >> still ahead this morning, there are a lot of angry starbucks customers out there, the big change for the company's rewards program, and why the coffee giant is getting roasted for it. also: >> this is a woman that clearly didn't want to be there. i think there was some
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discomfort. >> camille cosby gets grilled under oath about the accusations against her husband. why she is not finish answering those difficult questions. >> and, privacy versus protection. the show of support planned today, hear in philadelphia, and apple's security showdown against the fbi. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, looking good right now, but your afternoon commute could turn into a real adventure with rain headed our way today. katie is track too long storms, and also, she'll let you know when you get a break from the rain. that's coming up after the break. >> ♪
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>> a montgomery county man is kill after a bizarre chain of events. limerick township police tell us that gary blanchard was trying to park two cars at his home yesterday. an empty car somehow started moving and ran over him. the car then kept moving, going across the street, and smashing into a neighbor's home. you can see it right there, it caused major damage to that
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home. no one was inside at the time. a reported confession by the man accused in that deadly rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. jason bryant daulton face as long list of charges, including, six counts of murder. he's being held without bail. while the youngest victim continues to fight for her life. more as police continue to pick through evidence trying to determine a motive. >> motive remains unclear at this time. >> jeffrey on the continuing investigation into saturday's shooting rampage in michigan. >> one of these pieces of evidence that was seized from the suspect was his phone. >> other key evidence, the handgun police say they found on suspect jason brian daulton, consistent with shell case frost all three crime scenes. perhaps even more disturbing, the heavy duty jacket capable of concealing a pistol which law enforcement says daulton bought less than three hours before the first attack. also, a variable arsenal, total of 11 rifles, investigators found at daulton's home. this as one injured victim is
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still recovering expected to survive while another clinics to life in the hospital. >> she is alive and she is fighting for her life. >> fourteen year old abigail scoff in critical condition, the only survivor in the third and final attack. her mother breaking down monday as she and abigail's father spoke about their little girl. even showing sympathy for the suspect's loved ones. >> our thoughts are with the daulton family also suffering at this time. we want his family to know that we don't hold anything against the family members. >> cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> bill cosby's wife camille will be forced to testify against her husband again next month in the defemation lawsuit against him. camille cosby's lawyers walked into a massachusetts hotel under tight security yesterday morning. the deposition is believed to be the first she's given since dozens of women came forward to accuse her husband of sexual assault. those women accuse -- allege that cosby defamed them by calling them liars after they went public with those allegations.
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a jury had determine who has more credibility, is it the seven women that we represent, or is it bill cosby? >> cosby denies sexual assault allegations and has filed a counter suit. camille cosby will continue her deposition on march 14th. >> pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, want the federal government to help cover costs from last month's massive snowstorm. the governor sent a letter to president obama, asking the feds to reimburse 31 counties across the state. local county and state agencies spent more than $55 million cleaning up the mess across pennsylvania >> fourth largest snowstorm in the city history. snow lovers, bad news for you, the rest of us, hooray, at least just rain, right? >> at least it is look that wayment some of you may end up starting off at least with a wintery mix, however, although i don't think that will include philadelphia at all.
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simply too warm for. that will quick peak at storm scan3, the mid-atlantic zoom, you will see wet weather on the horizon off to the south. already sussex county delaware seeing few raindrops coming in here. all rain. even in some of the colder spots, you have got nothing but rain up back toward the appalachians, and certainly, across our area, as well. so this will start off for most of you as a rainfall. although, in the lehigh valley and poconos region specifically as i mentioned you will see this very likely start off with rent are you mixing or some snow. storm two, really looking a lot more interesting than it did yesterday, if you were with us yesterday, just few little blips on the radar across the northern rockies. now you have got a a lot of moisture back to texas, eastern portions of colorado, helping to draw in some of the cold. you have got bit of snow too. that's going to be messing with us tomorrow. in short, we've got essentially two and a half days hereof rain on the way. and it is already starting to get underway. so we get through early tomorrow. and even most of wednesday. by that point, only looking at
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up to an inch or slightly above that. then the bulk of the moisture comes through. look at that, it all the sudden maybe half inch on the ground here. so in short, over the course of a basically two to two and a half day event, we are still only talking about just over an inch, or slightly, you know, pushing 2 inches here in some spots. so, over that amount of time, you're not dealing with much more than minor flooding which is good news. in short, though, you still have to worry about this producing maybe some heavier thunderstorms, we are going to sit in marge mal risk for severe weather, in short, lowest level on the totem pole if you will. so back through the southern tear of our area, heavy downpours, gusty winds, peaking at high as 40 might per hour, rumbles every thunder are likelihood for that section shaded in the green there. so it doesn't include philadelphia, but we may see rumble every thunder certainly across the areas. timing things out through the rest of today, once the rain gets here, over the next few hours it does, rain will basically be here. tonight overnight into tomorrow morning, though, we catch bit of break. then p.m. hours of wednesday,
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the heaviest of the rain does come in. that's where you will have the best shot for flooding, lingering showers, on thursday morning, the wind will continue, however, so the winds is really a running theme with this, as is the rain, come friday, it is all out of here. 39 degrees though blustery, so at least the sun comes back, it will be chilly. at this point it looks like the week lends shape up to be pretty decent overall. meisha? >> that's the silver lining, katie, at least we know, we have to push toward thursday, go through it to get over it, right? right now looking at right now with the rain coming right now looking all dry. with that being said, give yourself couple of extra minutes this morning specially you have to today and almost tomorrow commute both a.m. and p.m. commute. the boulevard headlight moving in the southbound direction, at wissahickon. see moving in the southbound direction, this is where we have the bulk of the traffic flow this morning, already starting to hit the roadways. i think a loft people heeding the warnings, knowing, they want to get out there early just in case. even if the rain doesn't hit us quite as hard, in the central city or surrounding areas, it is more in delaware moving through the south to the north right now. but i will tell you, even so,
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give yourself couple of extra minutes, we know it was heating up early yesterday will do the same today trust me on that. malvern, 202, approaching route 29, as you can see, moving in both the northbound and southbound directions, it is looking actually pretty darn good here. you are still traveling at posted speeds, that's going to change probably i would say in the next 20 minute or soy. usually does in the 5:00 hour. then specially as we push into the 6:00 hour. northbound, 202, looking pretty good. ninety-five south at academy, interstate 95, always casino of keeping our eye, moving in the southbound direction of course, that's where i am keeping my eye. couple of of early risers, overall things looking pretty good again give yourself couple every extra minutes this morning with the rain moving in. construction 95 southbound the ramps delaware area closed, erika, back to you. >> tax time is here. but don't spends that refund just yet. three's on your side with the formula for success so you get the most out of your money.
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>> it seems like unbelievable. safe to say my sister and have i completed our families. >> oh, identical twin sisters have their hands full after giving birth to their own sets of twins. but that is just the latest twits in their remarkable story. hear why the odds were against them.
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>> some stash bucks custom remembers furious after the coffee chain changes up its popular rewards program. here is the way it works right now, you get one star per purchase and you earn free item for every 12 transactions. no matter how much you spend. then, starting in april, you'll get two stars for every dollar spent. but listen to there is you need 125 stars or you have to spend $63, to earn free item. starbucks says the average
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transaction is $5, but some customers complain they'll have to spend more money to earn the same rewards they're getting right now. well, do you expect to get attacks refunds this year? many americans are either have received the refund or they're waiting for it to arrive, and there are many ways to handle that wind fall. consumer reporter jim donovan helps you applicant the most of the money. >> the irs is processed nearly 50 million returns so far, almost 83% of them, resulted in refunds. if you expect a refund, experts say, differ identifying it up is a smart move. >> forty, 30, 30, helps people plan what to do with their tax refunds. >> march keith an is with clarify, region's largest non-profit credit agency. >> we say break up your tax refunds into bucket. 40% for savings, start an emergency savings fund. 30% for repaying debt, catch up on your bills, and the last 30% for something you want to do, go to the spa, take a trip. >> adding to or even starting
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a emergency funds should be your first priority. to cover three-six months every expenses. >> so you should think about your rent or your mortgage, your car payment, the things that are necessary to casino of keep you going, day-to-day. >> then focus on paying down debt. at the very least, pay what's overdue. >> bring yourself current. start paying on regular basis. because monthly payment, on time, will also help your credit score. >> if you are owed a refunds but still waiting for it, you can check out the status of your return by clicking the where's my refund tab on the irs website. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> if you have questions about filing your taxes three's on your side, jim donovan hosting annual "3 on your side" phone bank. we'll have accountant and tax preparers here in the studios to help take the confusion out of tax time, give them a call from 5:00 to 6:30 tonight. >> coming up in our next half hour of "eyewitness news", new way to use yourself east to
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protect your personal information. jan? >> err cape, privacy, versus protection, the debate rages on today. as protests are planned across the country. i'm jan carabeo, reporting live from center city. coming up the support apple hopes to gain today. >> twenty-five years ago, on this spot, free philadelphia fire -- three philadelphia firefighters died in what was then the worse highrise fire in american history. now in a cbs-3 exclusive, never before told tails of heroism. from a firefighter, part of the teams that tried to save their lives. the story coming up. >> and we are certainly looking ahead to a soggy couple of days. however, what happens beyond that point? well, there is a big change in the weather department after all of the rain is fallen. we'll have those details for you coming
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